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Vibrant Health offers Whole Body Detoxification, Weight Loss and Purification through Colon Hydrotherapy.


•Colon hydrotherapy/colonics

•Purification/Detox Programs

•Counseling on Digestive Issues

•Weight Loss Programs

Complimentary wellness profile and body composition analysis

•Whole food supplements and herbs      


•Comfortable environment

•State of the Art equipment

•Kind and Knowledgeable  Staff

•Safe and Effective  Natural Treatments


•  Chronic Conditions (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, unexplained aches and pains, headaches)

•  Cognitive Issues (Memory and Forgetfulness, Brain Fatigue)

•  Food Sensitivities and Allergies (Fatigue, Skin Issues)

•  Digestive Issues (Ulcers, Flatulance, IBS, Constipation, Diarrhea, Leaky Gut)

•  Great maintenance Regimen to stay healthy and vibrant!

•  Weight Loss


90% of all sickness and disease begins inside an unclean colon...

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle, detoxifying colon cleansing process for improved bowel function, weight loss, constipation and cleansing.

Receive Professional Colon Hydrotherapy by a Nationally Board Certified Therapist using the most technologically  advanced and comfortable colon cleansing system in the world.

Our knowledgeable and caring therapist will help you to understand:

   •    How your colon works

   •    How our advanced cleansing systems will gently and effectively help you

   •    How you can move forward and keep a healthy colon

Many people experience the following after colon hydrotherapy:

   •    Increased energy

   •    Weight loss

   •    Clear skin

•    Clearing the colon of old, hardened, waste material and harmful toxins.

•    Restoring proper pH balance to the body.

•    Stimulating the immune systems.

•    Allowing freer passage of nutrients into the blood.

  1.    Increasing prevention of toxic absorption via healthy mucosa.

  2.    Providing a favorable environment for bacteria and microflora for digestion.

•    Strengthening peristaltic (natural muscular contraction) activity in the colon.

  1.     Promoting a return of normal, regular bowel movements.

Debi’s  extensive  and diverse background in natural health integrating nutrition, essences and positive self-care is very special and most importantly very effective.  It is definitely not just colonics but a true holistic detox approach to a healthier body. Debi’s loving motivational coaching skills as well as her enthusiastic personality makes the potentially awkward process of colonics into  a positive, relaxing, uplifting experience.


COLON HYDROTHERAPY CAN AID WEIGHT LOSS                                   

Colon hydrotherapy can be a great tool to add to your weigh loss efforts!  It is not uncommon to have 10-30 pounds of waste within one’s colon from hard-to-digest foods.  A colon cleanse can help remove the excess buildup, leading to dramatic changes in both weight and overall well-being.  A cleaned out bowel will give you more energy, you’ll feel better, which can lead to better workouts and increased ability and desire to be active, which in turn would result in even more weight loss.

Colon hydrotherapy for weight loss is a legitimate way to achieve results more quickly and naturally.  So, if you want to start a new weight loss regimen or want to incorporate colon hydrotherapy into one you may already be on, call today.  We can show you the healthy and correct ways of achieving weight loss through colon cleansing by combining colon hydrotherapy with a healthy diet and workout regimen.


We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.

We offer nutritional information and services to help you cooperate with your doctor or physician in your mutual plan of building better health.
In the event that you use this information without your doctor's approval, you are prescribing for your self; which is your constitutional right,
and do so at your own risk and liability.

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